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please correct

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Hello, dear administration of this project, I don’t know what to call it, of course the PTS platform is in quotes, but I noticed one thing, having created a Destroire, knowing this class, what it can and with what they eat, played a lot of it, and found out unfortunately some errors:
1) Vampirek baf from WK and SE (it just does not work in full mode, all because the character doesn’t remove HP, people told me that it depends on the protection of the mob in the catacombs, but neither in the catacombs nor in other locations the life from the mobs sneaks );
2) BD did not get to level 74 (I don’t know, please, reconsider his vampire, but I think of course everything can depend on strong protection of mobs, all because 2 desters hit the mob 68+ under one mob for a long time);

3) I tried to reclaim today, because one castle was captured, but the seed is categorically on the mob not thrown, manoru in Godard

Dear administration, please correct the mistakes, because the destroer and warlord as a class are dying out here on this project, I want to move wigs, swing, because I like this project, although I don’t come from Spain, I slowly got accustomed here with two friends)
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